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Faith & Sexuality: Reconciling LGBT+ People and Christianity

Hello to our fellow readers!

I'm excited to announce the launch of my book, titled "Faith & Sexuality Reconciling LGBT+ People and Christianity."

As I completed the writing of this book, I couldn't help but reflect on how it represents the culmination of my personal experiences, thoughts, research, and ideas. Its pages carry a profound message, particularly for those grappling with the reconciliation of faith and sexuality. My path has been filled with challenges, but I hope that it resonates with you and serves as a testament to the transformative power of Jesus in anyone's life. 

This book goes beyond being a typical guidebook. Within its pages, I share the struggles I faced against discrimination within the Anglican Church and my journey towards ordained ministry. Some of you were there with me during some of the most challenging moments, providing support and encouragement along the way. I faced these obstacles head-on, relying on my faith, and found resolution through the Australian Human Rights Commission.

I am truly honoured to have Dr. Peter Lewis, a distinguished research associate at the Centre for Coins, Culture, and Religious History, provide the foreword for this book. His insightful words add depth to the message I aim to amplify. I hope that as you embark on the journey of reading my book, it resonates deeply within your heart, filling you with inspiration and illuminating the inclusive nature of Christ and the transformative strength found in faith, love, and embracing the diverse experiences of the queer community.

Together, let's spread love and acceptance! 🤝❤️🎉

Pastor Shane St. Reynolds.

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