Gold Coast LGBTQIA+ Community Insights Report

Editors Note: Please contact us to request a copy of this report as it has now been archived.

We are pleased to present our latest report, which offers valuable insights into the Gold Coast LGBTIQAP+ community. This extensive document has been carefully developed through extensive discussions and activities, in collaboration with key stakeholders in the Gold Coast. Our primary objective is to address crucial issues and raise awareness about the Gold Coast LGBTI+ community. This report is written in my capacity as a pastor and encompasses interviews, meetings, surveys, and collaborations that explore various facets of our community, including its strengths, challenges, and complexities. 

The Queensland LGBTI+ Roundtable plays a vital role as a platform for dialogue and action within our community. As of June 2022, the Gold Coast had an estimated resident population of 647,078, and this number is expected to approach one million by 2041, according to the Gold Coast Investment and Export Report 2023. Within this population, it is estimated that 4% identify as LGBTI+, which translates to approximately 25,883 individuals within our community, as indicated by research conducted by Rainbow Health Australia.

Our survey data paints a vivid and comprehensive picture of the aspirations and urgent needs of the Gold Coast's LGBTI+ community.

If you would like to delve further into the experiences and concerns of the Gold Coast LGBTIQAP+ community, you can access the complete report by clicking here.

We extend our respect to champions of the LGBTI+ community, embrace diversity, and commemorate the late Matt Hall and his significant contributions. As we mark 55 years of MCC today, we also pay tribute to Rev. Troy Perry. Come join us in celebrating this remarkable journey of inclusivity at MCC!  What began with a humble group of 12 individuals has flourished into a global movement, with churches now present in 37 countries. Let us persist in our advocacy efforts to create a brighter future for our community in the Gold Coast and around the globe.

With every good wish,

Shane St. Reynolds

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