Archbishop's Call: Bridging Divides and Embracing Inclusivity in Brisbane Synod

During the first session of the Eighty-First Synod of the Diocese of Brisbane on Saturday, June 22, 2024, within the Anglican Church of Southern Queensland, Archbishop Jeremy Greaves addressed several critical issues affecting both local communities and the broader church. A key concern was the impact of climate change on vulnerable populations, particularly in the Torres Strait Islands. Rising sea levels threaten these communities, highlighting the urgent need for environmental stewardship and advocacy. Archbishop Greaves emphasized the importance of minimizing environmental impact, calling for collective action in caring for creation.

In addition to environmental concerns, the Archbishop addressed the ongoing journey towards inclusivity and reconciliation within the church. This path requires courage, humility, and a strong commitment to change. Recently, Archbishop Greaves took a significant step forward by addressing the pain and exclusion experienced by LGBTIQA+ individuals within the Anglican Church Southern Queensland (ACSQ). This initiative aligns with a broader commitment to justice and inclusivity.

The journey towards reconciliation began with a pivotal motion at the 2022 Synod of the ACSQ, calling for an exploration of what an apology to LGBTIQA+ individuals might entail. This effort emerged from a genuine desire to listen and understand. Over the past years, LGBTIQA+ voices were invited to share their stories of exclusion, hurt, and longing for acceptance within their faith community.

Under Archbishop Greaves' leadership, a dedicated working group engaged in extensive consultation with LGBTIQA+ individuals to carefully craft the wording of the apology. This collaborative effort aimed to ensure that the apology would be a sincere acknowledgment of past wrongs and a commitment to a more inclusive future. The Archbishop expressed hope that the Synod would endorse the apology without amendment, honoring the vulnerability and generosity of those who shared their experiences.

Issuing an apology is a significant first step, but it requires a commitment to tangible actions that foster inclusivity and ensure that all individuals feel safe and valued within the church community. Initiatives within ACSQ schools, Anglicare, parishes, and other ministry units are already exploring ways to become more welcoming environments for LGBTIQA+ individuals and others who have felt marginalized.

We stand in solidarity with Archbishop Greaves and the ACSQ in their journey towards inclusivity and justice. We recognize that apologies and structural changes are essential, but they must be accompanied by ongoing support and advocacy. As we strive to create a world where everyone feels accepted and valued, we encourage support for initiatives that promote equality, dignity, and understanding.

Archbishop Jeremy Greaves' leadership in addressing past injustices and fostering inclusivity within the ACSQ serves as an inspiring example of positive change within faith communities. His commitment to listening, learning, and acting with integrity demonstrates the potential for transformation. As this journey towards justice and inclusion continues, the power of apology, action, and compassion remains central.

Photo Source: Rev'd Deb Bird Facebook

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