Celebrating Diversity and Spirituality: Blessed Saint Sebastian Order of (Queer Folk)


In 2024, Australia welcomed the establishment of the Blessed Saint Sebastian Order of (Queer Folk), a pioneering initiative dedicated to nurturing the spiritual and communal well-being of LGBTIQ+ individuals and their allies. Inspired by the resilience of Saint Sebastian, a figure historically embraced by queer communities, this Order strives to create a supportive environment where individuals can explore and express their spirituality freely.

Saint Sebastian, a martyr of the early Christian era, holds a unique place in queer culture. Known for his steadfast faith and symbolic portrayal in art—often depicted as a young man bound and pierced with arrows—Saint Sebastian's story resonates deeply as a testament to endurance in the face of adversity. His historical significance, coupled with his representation as an icon of homoerotic desire, underscores his relevance as a spiritual guide and protector within the queer community.

The Blessed Saint Sebastian Order champions several core missions:

Promoting Equity in Religious Institutions: Advocating for inclusive practices and policies within religious settings, the Order seeks to dismantle discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Supporting Theological Education: Through fundraising efforts, the Order assists theological students pursuing studies that embrace LGBTIQ+ affirming perspectives, fostering future leaders who can advocate for inclusivity and social justice.

Providing Community Support: Creating safe spaces and resources for queer individuals and allies, the Order aims to enhance well-being and community resilience.

Amidst ongoing challenges of discrimination and marginalisation faced by LGBTIQ+ folk, the Blessed Saint Sebastian Order emerges as a beacon of hope. It celebrates diversity, fosters resilience, and encourages spiritual exploration, thereby honouring Saint Sebastian's legacy while guiding towards a future that is more inclusive and compassionate. Through its initiatives and inclusive ethos, the Order embodies the core values of queer identity—strength, resilience, and the pursuit of spiritual fulfilment within a supportive community. Click here to become a member of the Order.

About Saint Sebastian
Saint Sebastian is recognized as an early emblem of homoerotic desire and is considered by some to be the patron saint of homosexuality. A martyr of the Christian faith in Rome during Emperor Diocletian's reign in 288 AD, Sebastian is often depicted in art and medals as a young man nearly naked and pierced with arrows, which carries distinct homoerotic undertones. While historical details about his personal life are sparse, Sebastian's appeal to queer communities arises from his aesthetic beauty and his steadfast response to persecution. Additionally, he is venerated as a protector against plagues, a significance that resonated deeply during the AIDS crisis. Sebastian reportedly survived an arrow attack and was later executed for standing up against Diocletian's cruelty towards Christians, a fate that mirrors the persecution experienced by many queer individuals who faced discrimination from religious institutions. Despite not being officially recognized, he remains a revered figure among gay men, as well as soldiers, archers, and athletes. Renowned Renaissance artists such as Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Titian immortalized Sebastian, further solidifying his enduring symbolism in gay literature and culture as a symbol of homoerotic desire.

Art: Sebastian by Felix Uberbacher

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