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Check out the top LGBTQ Christian books of 2023 rated by, covering a wide range of genres and perspectives. Additionally, here is a link to UCForum, where you'll discover a page showcasing articles on Progressive Christianity book reviews.

1. Heavenly LGBTQ+ by Jan Haen

Discover the inspiring stories of LGBTQ people throughout history in this illustrated book. Link

2. LGBTQ Catholic Ministry: Past and Present by Jason Steidl

Explore grassroots LGBTQ Catholic movements over the last 75 years in this historical account. Link

3. My Life: as a Boy, Priest, Gay Man, and Artist by Jan Haen

An openly gay Roman Catholic priest reveals his adventurous life and ministry in this memoir. Link

4. Holy Queer: The Coming Out of Christ by Karmen Michael Smith

Black queer experience sheds fresh light on Christ and the church in this mix of memoir and Bible study. Link

5. Queering Christian Worship: Reconstructing Liturgical Theology by Bryan Cones (editor) with Sharon R. Fennema W. Scott Haldeman Stephen Burns (contributing editors)

Delightfully queer ways to worship come to light in this collection of essays by leading scholars. Link

6. Rainbow Psalms in 30 Days by Stephen Joseph Wolf (compiler)

Experience the psalms as rendered for LGBTQ+ readers in this daily devotional. Link

7. Josephine: A Trans Story of Biblical Proportions by J Mase III (author) and Wriply Bennet (illustrator)

Joseph, a popular figure in the Bible’s Book of Genesis, is a gender-nonconformist in this creative retelling in graphic-novel format. Link

8. The(y)ology: Mythopoetics for Queer/Trans Liberation by Max Yeshaye Brumberg-Kraus

Liberation theologies shed light on drag performance, queer autobiographies and much more in this far-reaching, multi-faceted analysis. Link

9. After Method: Queer Grace, Conceptual Design, and the Possibility of Theology by Hanna Reichel

Queer theologian Marcella Althaus-Reid is put into conversation with Karl Barth, the most important theologian of the 20th century in this scholarly yet lively analysis based on queer experience. Link

10. Gender Essentialism and Orthodoxy: Beyond Male and Female by Bryce Rich

Queer theology meets the Eastern Orthodox tradition in a book that uses an interdisciplinary approach to critique the concept of a fixed gender binary in the context of the Orthodox church. Link

11. Next Time You Come Home by Lisa Dordal and Milly Dordal

Letters between a mother and daughter reflect on same-sex relationships, religion, motherhood, grief, nature, sexism and racism in this poetically edited collection of 180 letters sent between 1989-2001. Link

12. Nun Better: An Amazing Love Story by Joanie Lindenmeyer and Carol Tierheimer

Two Catholic nuns reveal their passionate 40-year love story in a heartfelt memoir that begins decades before same-sex marriage was legalized. Link

13. Always Matt: A Tribute to Matthew Shepard by Lesléa Newman (author) and Brian Britigan (illustrator)

Large, beautiful illustrations are spiced with simple texts present the life and legacy of gay martyr Matthew Shepard, including people who took action in his memory. Link

14. Forward!: Thoughts of a Trans Woman on the Christian Journey by Lynn Elizabeth Walker

A transgender bishop in the Orthodox-Catholic Church of America reflects on her experiences with church, family and society in this collection of essays. Link

15. Queer Ministers’ Voices from the Global South: ‘A Burning Fire in My Bones’ by Lisa Isherwood and Hugo Córdova Quero (editors)

Leaders from queer faith-based communities across Asia, Africa, and Latin America tell how they built upon and challenged church tradition in this comprehensive collection. Link

16. Hidden Histories: Faith and Black Lesbian Leadership by Monique Moultrie

Oral histories of black lesbian U.S. religious leaders reveal fresh patterns for theology, activism and ethical leadership in this scholarly book. Link

17. Faith and Sexuality: Reconciling LGBT+ People and Christianity by Shane St. Reynolds

A gay Australian pastor brings together sexuality and spirituality in this multidimensional, inspirational mega-mix of memoir, Bible study, theology, prayers, resources and stories of other LGBT+ Christians. Link

18. The Other Evangelicals: A Story of Liberal, Black, Progressive, Feminist, and Gay Christians―and the Movement That Pushed Them Out by Isaac B. Sharp

LGBTQ Christians and others excluded by the evangelical movement are brought back from the margins in this inclusive history. Link

19. Storming the Gate: Fighting Religion-based Oppression with Soul Force by Mel White

Heroic and sometimes hilarious experiences of battling the anti-LGBTQ lies of the Christian right are told by one of America’s most celebrated gay Christian authors. Link

20. The Vanishing Song: Poems by Jay Hulme

A trans Christian poet follows the example of medieval saints to search for God in strange, wilderness places. Link

21. Butterfly Angels: Aug & Lucy’s Journey by Margaret Ann Lourdes

A scrappy angel named Aug relishes confronting the Catholic Church over its treatment of LGBTQ people in this fantasy fiction. Link

22. For Love of Self by Robin Reardon

A gay Unitarian Universalist minister encounters love and paganism in a novel set in 1980s Vermont. Link

23. Meet My Jesus by Candy Leigh (author) and Nejla Shojaie (illustrator)

Jesus loves LGBTQ+ kids along with everybody else in a book for kids in pre-school and up. Link

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