Editorial Policy

This document outlines the editorial standards that guide everything we do at TheGoodNewsBlog.org, from the articles we publish to how we interact with you. 

Accuracy First
We are committed to accuracy and transparency in our reporting. Our goal is to provide truthful information without distortion, misrepresentation, or selective presentation of facts. While we welcome opinions and commentary for context, they must be clearly distinguished from factual content and supported by evidence. Should an error occur, we will promptly rectify it and acknowledge the correction within the article itself. Our commitment to comprehensive coverage means we endeavor to present all perspectives, particularly in cases of disagreement. We actively seek input from individuals mentioned negatively to ensure fairness. We source information exclusively from reliable sources, maintaining a skeptical approach towards unverified claims. Direct quotes are never altered in a manner that changes their original meaning; however, we may remove offensive language or defamatory statements.

Respecting Privacy

Your privacy is paramount to us. We only disclose private information when it is legally permissible and serves a defined public interest. Additionally, we exercise caution with sensitive material, sharing it only when there is a tangible benefit to the public. We refrain from duplicating private information already published by other news outlets and carefully consider the potential impact on individuals before sharing such details.

Be Kind, Be Respectful

We approach all interactions with respect and sensitivity, ensuring courtesy in our dealings with everyone. We prioritize individuals' comfort, refraining from pressuring them for interviews or photographs, especially during challenging circumstances. Our stance against discrimination is unwavering; we do not discriminate based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other factors. We only reference such details if they are pertinent to the story. In enhancing photographs, we maintain transparency by acknowledging the source whenever feasible. If an image has been digitally altered, we disclose this in the caption and provide information about the original image. Additionally, we provide content warnings for articles containing strong language or discussing sensitive topics like suicide. While we assume our readership is adult, we ensure our headlines, images, and social media posts effectively convey the article's content.

Social Media
We moderate this blog and our social media platforms to remove hateful or threatening content.

Legal Inquiries
For any legal inquiries or concerns, please utilize our contact form

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