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Born in Australia, Shane St Reynolds is an Australian entrepreneur and Christian author who found inspiration in the teachings of Jesus and editor of TheGoodNewsBlog.org. Throughout his journey, Shane faced various trials, including grappling with depression and addiction after the loss of his closest friend in Afghanistan and the heartbreaking suicide of his life partner.

A pivotal moment arrived in 2018. While in Peru, Shane witnessed a powerful vision of an angel in the sky above the Cristo Blanco statue. This experience, coupled with a transformative dream where he saw the Holy Spirit descend upon him in St. Paul's Cathedral, solidified his calling to Christianity. Shane's faith journey wasn't without its challenges, particularly reconciling his faith with his sexuality. He has openly addressed these struggles in his writings and has become a vocal advocate for LGBTI+ rights within the Church. Redeem a free copy of Shane's eBook (Faith & Sexuality).

Shane's written work is extensive, encompassing both Christian theology and financial literacy. He further solidified his calling by earning licensure from the Metropolitan Community Church until the end of Dec 2023. His thirst for knowledge led him to pursue further education at Oxford, focusing on leadership, followed by additional degrees in theology and business in Australia.  Through his powerful storytelling, he lays bare his experiences, a raw and genuine testament that ignites a fire in the hearts of those seeking faith.

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