Inclusive Acknowledgement

God of many names, we acknowledge that the land on which we gather is the sovereign and unceded country of nations. We give thanks for their elders, who have cared for this country for many thousands of years. Give us courage to work toward a more just settlement for all Indigenous people. 

We acknowledge and celebrate the LGBT+ community, who have faced marginalization and exclusion from many faith communities. We honour and thank those who have fought for the recognition and rights of the LGBT+ community, within and outside of religious spaces. We affirm the diversity of human sexuality and gender identity and extend our pastoral care and support to all members of the LGBT+ community.

Furthermore, we acknowledge and celebrate humanity and every individual. Each person has a unique story and journey, and they should all be recognized and celebrated for who they are. The reader is invited to join in celebrating the beauty and diversity of humanity, and to recognize the inherent worth of every person. 

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