Prayer for Mothers Day

To the Mums Who Are

To all the struggling mothers, to those brimming with radiant joy.

To the mothers who carry the memories of children lost and pregnancies that ended too soon.

To the mothers who made the selfless choice of entrusting their babies to other parents, and to the mothers who lovingly adopted those children and nurtured them with fierce devotion.

To those experiencing frustration or despair in their journey through infertility.

To those who always knew they didn't want children, and who have made meaningful contributions to our shared world in their own unique ways.

To those who have mothered their colleagues, mentees, neighborhood kids, and anyone in need of nurturing.

To those who hold dear the memory of mothers who are no longer with us.

To those who are moving forward from mothers who failed to show love or caused harm to those they should have cared for.

Today is a day to celebrate the unwavering love and nurturing spirit we associate with "motherhood," wherever we have encountered it and however we have nurtured it within ourselves.

Hannah Kardon, Pastor at Elston Avenue United Methodist Church

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