Reflecting on the Success of Rainbow Poetry Open Mic Night

Photo Melinda Buker Manager Gold Coast Libraries & Shane St Reynlolds.

Dear Friends,

We come before you today with gratitude as we reflect upon the incredible success of the Rainbow Poetry Open Mic Night—an event that brought together our beloved community in celebration of Pride Month. Held at the Southport Library, this unforgettable evening was made possible through the collaborative efforts of Gold Coast Libraries and Gold Coast Rainbow Communities. It was a testament to the remarkable talent, resilience, and spirit that resides within our cherished LGBT+ community.

We had the privilege of discussing the impact of Anthony Venn Brown OAM's best-selling book, "A Life of Unlearning." This groundbreaking book has touched the hearts of many, offering a powerful narrative of personal transformation and resilience within the context of sexuality and faith. We are co-hosting an upcoming seminar on July 1, 2023, titled "Walking Between Worlds," which will be presented by Anthony specifically tailored for people working with LGBT+ individuals from faith backgrounds. This seminar promises to be a thought-provoking and enlightening experience, providing an opportunity for meaningful dialogue and further growth within our community.

During this occasion, I was blessed with the opportunity to present my book Faith & Sexuality and share selected pieces of poetry with the group. The open mic night served as a powerful platform for self-expression allowing individuals from all walks of life to bravely share their unique stories through the poetic art form including a reading of the captivating poem by Jay Hulme, titled "Jesus at the Gay Bar". Additionally the artist Idin Aazami recited my poetry, "Amplified By Love: A Rainbow Of Inclusivity," further adding to the tapestry of voices and experiences that filled the evening.

Throughout the night, emotions overflowed, ranging from joy and empowerment to heartfelt connections that fostered a sense of unity. Lots of Laughter within the room as light-hearted and humorous verses were shared, further strengthening the bonds that bind us as a community.

In particular, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Steven, who took on the role of the evening's Master of Ceremonies. His energy, enthusiasm, and exceptional ability to engage the audience added an extra spark of warmth to the already vibrant atmosphere. 

The Rainbow Poetry Open Mic Night not only underscored the significance of community events but also emphasized the sacred role that the Library holds for LGBT+ individuals. It is a sanctuary that provides a safe haven for self-expression, acceptance, and a sense of belonging. It is imperative that we continue to organize and support such events, ensuring that our community thrives and flourishes in an environment of love and understanding.

To commemorate the success of this evening, we have captured some precious snapshots that encapsulate the vibrant energy, passion, and camaraderie that filled the room. These images serve as a lasting testament to the power of unity and creative expression within our group.

The Rainbow Poetry Open Mic Night stands as a tribute to the strength, diversity, and talent within our cherished LGBT+ community. We extend our deepest gratitude to Gold Coast Libraries, and each individual who contributed to this unforgettable event. Let us continue to cherish these gatherings, remaining steadfast in our commitment to fostering inclusive spaces, embracing the power of words, and supporting one another on our shared journey toward equality, acceptance, and love.

We express our heartfelt appreciation to each and every one of you for making this evening an indelible memory.

With utmost gratitude,

Pastor Shane St Reynolds

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