2023 brings new LGBTQ Christian books

Kittredge Cherry

In a recent blog post on the Q Spirit website, renowned author and LGBT+ spirituality advocate, Kittredge Cherry, shared a captivating list of new LGBTQ Christian books and gifts released in 2023. Among the featured books was "Faith and Sexuality: Reconciling LGBT+ People and Christianity" by Shane St. Reynolds.

Kitt praised "Faith and Sexuality" as a groundbreaking addition to the growing LGBT+ Christian literature. The book was commended for its comprehensive and inspirational content, where St Reynolds masterfully blended personal memoir, Bible study, theology, prayers, and the narratives of other LGBTQ+ Christians. Cherry highlighted the author's journey of overcoming adversity and trauma to embrace his call to ministry, providing a powerful testament to the resilience and spiritual growth of LGBTQ+ individuals within Christianity.

The book was celebrated for fostering a deeper understanding and reconciliation between LGBTQ+ individuals and their faith, bridging the gap and breaking down barriers that may have previously hindered acceptance and inclusion within religious communities. With a foreword by Peter Lewis, a respected researcher affiliated with St. John’s Anglican Cathedral in Brisbane, Australia, "Faith and Sexuality" holds a significant place in the realm of LGBTQ Christian literature.

In addition to "Faith and Sexuality," the blog featured an array of other noteworthy titles:

"Butterfly Angels: Aug & Lucy’s Journey" by Margaret Ann Lourdes - A fantasy fiction that confronts the Catholic Church's treatment of LGBTQ+ individuals with a light touch, addressing serious issues in an imaginative narrative.

"The Expanse: Homos, Hobos and the Holy Hereafter!" by Ryan Althaus - An independently published book exploring LGBTQ+ experiences in theology.

"Divinely Queer: Inclusive Readings in Theology" by Pete Cossaboon - Another independently published work offering inclusive theological readings.

"Josephine: A Trans Story of Biblical Proportions" by J Mase III (author) and Wriply Bennet (illustrator) - A trans narrative in collaboration with illustrations, published by Tell Them I Was a Poet L.L.C.

The blog also provided a glimpse into forthcoming titles available for pre-order, including:

"Queering Black Churches: Dismantling Heteronormativity in African American Congregations" by Brandon Thomas Crowley - Published by Oxford University Press.

"New Ways and Next Steps: Developing Parish LGBTQ+ Ministry" by Francis DeBernardo - Published by Liturgical Press.

"Next Time You Come Home" (poetry) by Lisa Dordal - Published by Black Lawrence Press.

"After Method: Queer Grace, Conceptual Design, and the Possibility of Theology" by Hanna Reichel - A conversation between theologians Marcella Althaus-Reid and Karl Barth, published by Westminster John Knox Press.

"Queering Christian Worship: Reconstructing Liturgical Theology" by Sharon R. Fennema, W. Scott Haldeman, Stephen Burns, and Bryan Cones (editors) - Published by Seabury Books.

"Queering Contemplation: Finding Queerness in the Roots and Future of Contemplative Spirituality" by Cassidy Hall - Published by Broadleaf Books.

"Faith and Sexuality" stood out among these diverse and thought-provoking titles, making its mark as a work that eloquently and passionately brings the LGBTQ+ experience and Christianity together in a harmonious and profound manner. Cherry's blog post continues to inspire readers and celebrate the rich tapestry of LGBTQ Christian literature available in 2023. 

Kittredge Cherry is a lesbian Christian author, minister and historian who writes regularly about LGBTQ spirituality and the arts at Q Spirit (https://qspirit.net/).  She was ordained by Metropolitan Community Churches, ministered at MCC San Francisco during the AIDS crisis and advocated for LGBTQ rights at the National Council of Churches and World Council of Churches as MCC’s National Ecumenical Officer.

Read the Qspirit blog here: https://qspirit.net/lgbtq-christian-books-2023/

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