Honoring Lives: Transgender Day of Remembrance Event by Qcoast

In a world that is gradually recognizing and celebrating diversity, it is crucial to pause and remember those who, tragically, have lost their lives simply for being true to themselves. The Transgender Day of Remembrance, hosted by Qcoast and organized by Rebecca Bateman, offers a meaningful opportunity to reflect on the lives of transgender and non-binary individuals lost over the past year and beyond.

Date and Venue:
Monday, November 20, at 6 PM
Chevron Tavern, Private Dining Area
47 Thomas Drive, Surfers Paradise, Queensland

Event Details

A Gathering of Unity:
This dinner invites members of the transgender and non-binary community, their families, friends, and allies to come together in a supportive environment. The Chevron Tavern, known for its unisex toilets and LGBT-friendly atmosphere, provides an ideal setting for this solemn yet empowering occasion.

Remembering and Reflecting:
The evening is not only about sharing a meal but also about sharing stories and memories. It's an opportunity to honor those who have left us too soon, victims of discrimination, violence, and prejudice. As we reflect on the past 12 months, we stand together to acknowledge the resilience and strength of the transgender and non-binary community.

A Menu of Inclusivity:
The private dining area at Chevron Tavern will offer a space for open conversations and heartfelt connections. The menu, crafted to be both reasonable and tasty, becomes a symbol of the diversity and richness within the community. Breaking bread together, we strengthen the bonds that unite us and celebrate the uniqueness of every individual.

Why Attend?
Participating in the Transgender Day of Remembrance is an act of solidarity and support. It is an opportunity to learn, to empathize, and to actively contribute to a world where everyone can live authentically without fear of prejudice or harm. By attending this event, you are not only honoring the lives lost but also standing up for a future where acceptance and understanding prevail.

As we approach this Transgender Day of Remembrance event hosted by Qcoast, let us come together to remember, reflect, and reaffirm our commitment to a world that celebrates the beauty of diversity. Join Qcoast and Rebecca Bateman at Chevron Tavern on November 20 at 6 PM for an evening of unity, compassion, and remembrance.

Event Details and RSVP

Let us make our presence felt and our voices heard as we stand in solidarity with the transgender and non-binary community, ensuring that their stories are remembered and their lives are celebrated.

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/356451206893215

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