A New Dawn: Installation of Anglican Archbishop Jeremy Greaves - A Strong Voice for Social Justice

Amidst the grandeur of St. John's Cathedral, the 10th Archbishop of Brisbane and Bishops unite in a symbolic moment. 🕊️✨ Photo credit: Shane St Reynolds

History was made yesterday at St John’s Anglican Cathedral as the 10th Archbishop of Brisbane, Jeremy Greaves, was installed before a diverse congregation of eminent faith and community leaders, First Nations elders, school children, and members of the broader Anglican community. This marked a significant moment as Archbishop Greaves succeeded Archbishop Phillip Aspinall, who had served for nearly 22 years before resigning in February.

Archbishop Greaves, formerly the Dean of Darwin Cathedral, brings a unique perspective to his new role. During his tenure in Darwin, he actively supported refugees held in immigration detention, assisted those released into the community, and collaborated with non-government agencies to care for First Nations people. His commitment to social justice and inclusivity has been a cornerstone of his ministry.

One notable initiative on the horizon is Archbishop Greaves' planned visit to the Torres Strait Islands next year. Accompanied by Saibai elder Aunty Dr Rose Elu, the 2021 Queensland Senior Australian of the Year, he aims to witness firsthand the impacts of climate change on the homes, sacred sites, and livelihoods of Torres Strait Island peoples.

Aunty Dr Rose, expressing her pride in leading the Archbishop-elect during the installation ceremony, highlighted Archbishop Greaves' deep understanding of the cultures and protocols of Australia's First Nations peoples, including those in the Torres Strait. She affirmed his commitment to their well-being and praised his vision for ministry, foreseeing him as an outstanding Archbishop.

Shane St Reynolds and a special moment with Aunty Dr. Rose Elu.

Amidst growing disagreements within the Anglican Church, both nationally and internationally, Archbishop Greaves stands out as a strong advocate for "comprehensive" Anglicanism. His pastoral approach to those holding different views emphasizes the importance of creating supportive communities where people from diverse backgrounds can come together. He envisions fellowship as the heart of the Church's mission.

The outgoing Bishop Administrator, Cameron Venables, will step down from his role, and the Church will witness a groundbreaking move towards reconciliation. The Anglican Church Southern Queensland extends an invitation to LGBTI+ individuals, along with their families, to share their experiences within the Church's parishes, schools, and institutions. This initiative aims to develop a Diocesan apology for the harm caused by the Church's past treatment of the LGBTI+ community.  The Very Rev'd Dr Peter Catt, Chair of the committee leading this effort, expressed the Church's commitment to acknowledging past wrongs and fostering an environment of inclusivity and acceptance.

The installation ceremony marked a significant moment, graced by the presence of dignitaries, among them Bishop Chris Jones from Tasmania, my fellow student at Oxford Summer School. In a special gesture, 50 young trees from the Cathedral Garden were distributed, representing the beginning of the Archbishop's leadership extending across the territory. Today, I handed over one of these saplings to St James Anglican Church, honouring the memory of the late warden Bert Morris.

A tender sapling (Harpullia pendula) from the grounds of St. John's Cathedral,
symbolising new beginnings and growth.

Archbishop Greaves, in September publicly acknowledged the Church's historic mistreatment of the LGBTI+ community, and declared it as appalling. He spoke passionately about the need to rebuild trust, signalling a new future for the Church under his leadership.

As the sun sets on the era of the 9th Archbishop of Brisbane, a new dawn emerges, promising a Church guided by compassion, justice, and a commitment to healing past wounds.

Blog Post by: Shane St Reynolds.

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