Celebrating the Consecration of Sarah Plowman as Bishop

Last night was a momentous occasion at St John's Cathedral in Brisbane as Reverend Canon Sarah Plowman was consecrated as Assistant Bishop for the Northern Region of the Diocese. The ceremony, marked by Rev Kaye Pitman's inspiring sermon, filled the cathedral with reverence and joy.

Sarah Plowman's journey to this significant role has been deeply intertwined with the Diocese of Brisbane. Raised in the Parish of Nambour and educated at St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School, Sarah's commitment to faith and community has been unwavering. Her academic pursuits in Applied Science and Theology at QUT and CSU respectively, coupled with her ordination as deacon in 2004 and priest in 2005, reflect her dedication to both education and ministry.

Throughout her career, Sarah has served in various chaplaincy roles and held key positions within the diocese, demonstrating a profound commitment to fostering inclusive and supportive communities. Archbishop Jeremy Greaves, expressing gratitude for Sarah's acceptance of the Assistant Bishop role, highlighted her extensive experience and insight gained through diverse ministry contexts.

The ceremony was not only a celebration of Sarah's personal journey but also a reflection on the broader challenges within church leadership. As an independent blogger, it's crucial to note that while Sarah's consecration is a step forward, statistics from The Melbourne Anglican reveal that only one in six Diocesan or Assistant bishops across Australia are women. This disparity underscores ongoing discussions about gender representation and the need for inclusive practices within church governance.

For those who missed the ceremony, Kaye Pitman's sermon and glimpses of the event can be viewed below on Youtube. Join me in congratulating Bishop Sarah Plowman as she embarks on this new chapter of leadership, bringing her passion for community and faith to the forefront of the Diocese of Brisbane.

Stay tuned for more updates and reflections on faith, community, and inclusivity in our shared journey.

Photo Source: Facebook page, Lorraine Anne Lynch is at St John's Cathedral, Brisbane.

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