Shaping Queensland's LGBTIQ+ Strategy: A Collaborative Journey

Gathering at a workshop in Nerang on the Gold Coast, Gold Coast's LGBTIQ+ communities, supporters, and advocates embarked on a pivotal journey to influence Queensland's first-ever LGBTIQ+ Strategy, spearheaded by the Queensland Government's Communities department. This event underscored the government's commitment to inclusivity and equality, showcasing their dedication to amplifying the voices of the LGBTIQ+ community.

Unity in Diversity

The workshop united local advocates and community members, gathering together to discuss ways to foster a safer and more equal life for everyone. A shared commitment to progress set the stage for open discussions on key priorities, including education, health, community support, and the establishment of dedicated safe spaces. In attendance, we were joined by local groups Gold Coast Pride, Gold Coast Rainbow Communities, Wesley Mission, and the Ultraviolet Expressions Program.

Empowering Conversations

Participants delved into critical topics, highlighting the need for inclusive education and awareness campaigns to combat stereotypes. The imperative for accessible healthcare catering to the unique needs of the LGBTIQ+ community was also emphasized. Additionally, participants stressed the importance of creating a connected and supportive community hub and Pride Centre.

Towards a Brighter Future

Beyond the workshop, the timeline for progress was laid out. Statewide workshops are set to conclude in September, followed by data analysis. Roundtable engagements will continue until December 2023, culminating in the development of the LGBTIQ+ Strategy from January to June 2024. The strategy is projected to launch in mid to late 2024.


During the workshop, we raised concerns about the Gold Coast's underrepresentation in the roundtable discussions at a state government level. We pledged to advocate persistently for the Gold Coast's perspective, ensuring its input shapes the strategy. Additionally, we emphasized the importance of transparency to secure the best possible outcomes for our city.

Embracing Collaborative Change

The workshop was not just an event but a stepping stone towards a more inclusive Queensland. It showcased the power of collaboration between the government, LGBTIQ+ community, and supporters. As we anticipate the unveiling of the strategy, we celebrate the collective journey toward progress, where every voice contributes to shaping a brighter future.

Please hold the members of this initiative in your thoughts and well wishes.

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