A Surrendered Soul's Ode

Doves and Flames from Guildford the only English Cathedral
dedicated to the Holy Spirit.

This poem was inspired by a vivid dream I had last night I hope you enjoy it - Shane.

In St. Paul's Cathedral, I stood in awe,
A dream unfolding, with a sacred draw.
A dove descended, pure and white,
In that moment, bathed in holy light.

Each step I took, towards purpose clear,
Guided by faith, dispelling all fear.
In the cathedral's embrace, I found my call,
A divine mission, standing tall.

The dove's gentle touch, a sign divine,
A reminder that destiny intertwines.
With heart open wide, I heard the plea,
To serve a higher purpose, to set me free.

Lord, I surrender, to your will I bend,
My soul's journey, now ready to transcend.
Use me as your vessel, your work to do,
In service to others, in service to you.

In St. Paul's Cathedral, dreams take flight,
A testament to faith, in the darkest night.
With each whispered prayer, a vow renewed,
Lord, I abandon myself to you.

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